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Though God always brought people and experiences into my life to help me learn of Him from a very young age, I began experiencing God in my daily life over 20 years ago. My children were young (not yet preteens) and my mother lived with us, helping me care for my children (I was a single parent). We were going to the mall one Saturday afternoon — the most popular mall in the city. Without really thinking about it, I drove toward the main mall doors, looking for a parking spot. My mother said I was wasting my time with all the cars here, and I should go to one of the back parking lots.

Now, you have to understand, I’ve always been a bit stubborn, and even though I knew she was right and I had driven this direction from habit, I didn’t want to admit it. So, I said, “You never know. Maybe, God has a parking spot up front for us.” (How’s that for passing the buck?)

The look on my mother’s face told me what she thought of that idea. I continued driving toward the front, since there was no way to turn around.

I turned to the right in front of the mall and prepared to go back up the next aisle — and there in the very first space was a completely empty parking space. It wasn’t a handicap spot, and no one had just pulled out. I drove into the spot, turned off my car, looked at my mother and said, “Oh ye of little faith!” Of course, my children began giggling. My mother was in shock; and truth be told, so was I !

From that moment on, I began asking for good parking spaces just to see God in my everyday life. I began looking for Him everywhere I go — even in my own home. He has never disappointed me.

In a retreat formation team in which I participated for six months, I realized that these “God seekers” didn’t experience God in their daily, everyday lives. That doesn’t mean He wasn’t there day in and day out. They just didn’t see Him. I made it my mission to begin sharing my more “awesome” God Stories with them each week in hopes they would begin to look for God in their own daily lives and trust Him to be there. Toward the end of the formation, another member had her first God Story and shared the awesome tale with the group. That made the six months of telling God Stories worth the effort and the sometimes strange looks from the others.

In that vain of hoping you, too, will begin to look for God in your daily life and trust that He is there, I share my God Stories with you here!

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