Faith – Make It Real

Faith Icons

Jesus - by Fuentes de Salamanca

“Jesus” by Spanish artist Jose Fuentes de Salamanca.

Faith icons are reminders of your faith. They assist you and your family to keep their focus on God, rather than on the world around us.

In my living room, I have a print of the artwork at right framed and hung prominently. I also have a crucifix, a stitching of the praying hands, two palm leaves from Palm Sunday (I replace them each year on Palm Sunday), and a couple print-outs of Jesus and the Infant Jesus on the walls of other rooms.

These icons remind me that:
I Serve at the Good Pleasure of God!

Now, I’m not saying you need to decorate your entire home in reminders of your faith — not even as much as I have. You will find, however, that these faith icons (reminders of your faith) placed simply throughout your home will help you to stay on your faith walk with Jesus. Sunday service and a cross necklace just isn’t enough. Make sure you have some reminders in your home, too.

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