Faith – Make It Real

Be a Christmas Angel on Earth

Angel is at the cross.

The news was great on the day
When the angels came to sing
Declaring God’s great love for us
With the birth of His son, the King

So as the holiday approaches
When we celebrate His birth
Let’s show some love and kindness
That it would spread throughout the Earth

For a single act of kindness
Can never be too small
And one act leads to another
This could spread to encompass all

Invite someone to dinner
Who is often quite alone
Leave a cheery note somewhere
Or visit a nursing home

Bring a teddy bear to a police department
To give to a traumatized child
Drop off a toy at a homeless shelter
Remember the joy when its recipient smiled

Bring flowers to a hospital ward
To give to a patient with no visitor
Pick up clothes off a store floor
Offer to be a free babysitter

Help a friend to pay a bill
Give up your seat on a bus
Donate air miles to a charity
You don’t need to make it a fuss

Show compassion to those in need
Give someone who’s down a hug
Be an angel here on Earth
And hopefully spread the bug

Jesus loved unconditionally
And mistakes, they were forgiven
Find the good in all you see
Make the world a nicer place to live in

For it is never too soon to be kind
No need to wait on helping our world
Love for the sake of loving
Just like the angels did herald

An angel that is part of a building sculpture.So as the season of love arrives
Let’s fill the world with cheer
It will make a Happy Christmas
And an even better New Year

Copyright 2007, Lisa Jean Pigliavento, All rights reserved.

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