Faith – Make It Real

Christmas Times

Jesus in the manger.

Christmas time is around the bend
And times are troubled, I know
But if we look at events around Jesus
We’ll find them troubled a long time ago

A census was called before his birth
So to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary went
Of course the inn had no room for them
So into the stable they were sent

After the birth of Jesus
Joseph was told by an Angel to leave
So they escaped to Egypt
But it was Bethlehem’s time to grieve

So instead of complaining this time of year
About what you can or cannot spend
Remember that’s not what Christmas is about
It’s more about being a friend

Be there to lend an ear
If that is all you can do
Sometimes there’s no better gift
As we work our own things through

Or perhaps you can lend a hand
To help decorate for those unable
It can add a little cheeriness
Even if you live in a stable

Offer to help with a loved one’s kids
So they can go shop on their own
You get to spend a day playing
Instead of just sitting alone

Many things can make this year
So much nicer by far
And it doesn’t take much effort
To be somebody’s shining star

These times are only as troubled
As we will let them be
So, I for one am choosing
To fill my time with glee

I hope that this finds you well
With a heart overflowing with cheer
And may you have a Merry Christmas
And a bright and shiny New Year

Copyright 2008, Lisa Jean Pigliavento
All rights reserved.

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