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Sheet MusicFirst, be aware that I am not a professional singer, and I’ve only sung one solo in my entire life. Though I’ve sung with choirs all through school and in church, I’ve always turned down any solo parts. A little too shy for it.

I guess God figures that singing to my computer by myself is different, and he’s correct. It’s pretty easy, compared to singing in front of people.

The songs provided here are for your personal use. It’s just some Christian music to play whenever you would like a reminder of the Lord being in your life or a quick pick-me-up.

The songs are in the menu at right or at the bottom of this page — after you click the link,an audio player should appear in a browser window. If a message box appears, you will need to choose music software from your computer, then click to either open (to listen) or save (to save to your hard drive). The files range from 948kb to 2.5mb, so give them time to download (especially for dial-up users).

Divine Mercy

My rendition of this beautiful piece does not do this chaplet justice. Mine is only one tiny segment of the actual chaplet, which is sung by three singers with absolutely beautiful voices that are perfect for this piece. I own the CD and can listen to it for hours. I cried the first time I heard it.

Though this is a musical version of a Catholic prayer, it is something that I believe anyone who believes in Jesus would enjoy. The entire chaplet may be purchased at The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy at the Divine Mercy Gift Shop. Because their web page links change often, please use their search field, typing (without quotes) “divine mercy chaplet” into it. Then, look for the CD or DVD format in the search results.

You can hear this in its entirety on EWTN cable.  Their programming of the Devine Mercy chaplet is at 3 pm, U.S. Eastern Time, on week days (note: the schedule shows the time according to your computer’s clock; so for the Midwest, it shows as 2 pm, Florida as 3 pm, and so on): This is on cable; however, if you would like to view it over the Internet, go to the link above just before the time the chaplet is broadcast, go to their menu and click Television, then EWTN Live Shows, and EWTN Live. They used to broadcast the chaplet, not sure if they still do. (I provide the menu to click versus a link, because EWTN are constantly changing most of their links.)

My very modest segment can be found on the menu.

Please see the menu below for download choices; use your browser’s back button to return to this page. The first item is the most recent.

To save the mp3 file to your computer, stop the audio, right click on the audio player, and there should be an option to “Save Audio As”. For smartphones, there should be a download icon to the right of the audio player.



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