Faith – Make It Real

A Closing Prayer

Literally - foot steps in the sand along a beach.The prayer is in boldface text below. The italicized text explains in plain language what that portion of the prayer means.

O Holy God, O Lord of Light, succor me now in my affright!
(I have no fears for I know You are with me, and I have turned all fears over to You, Lord.)

O Holy God, ride fast and rout, my foes that ring my soul about!
(There are NO obstacles. You provide only opportunities.)

O Holy God, now in this hour, keep tryst with me and be my tower!
(You are my strength, Lord God, at all times.)

God, You are my life, my love, and my friend. I honor You and Your Son Jesus with my love, my reverence, and my worship. You are my most awesome God.


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