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Kabbalah Prayer

A Hebrew name for God in Hebrew script.Pronounced cab-ba-lah’ with the emphasis on the last syllable, this prayer is one modified from the book, titled The 72 Names of GOD, by Yehuda Berg, 2004, Kabbalah Centre International. You may have heard of his brother, Michael  Berg, connected with Madonna and her belief in the Jewish Mysticism of the Kabbalah.

Yud Zayin Lamed  is a Hebrew name of God, given here in phonetic form — the graphic at left is the name in Hebrew script.

Yud Zayin Lamed

I experience heaven here on Earth.

I have changed my state of mind.

I allow more Light into my soul.

I spread that Light around, and we move closer to global peace.

The Light of the God burns within me, and I feed it by sharing with others, always, throughout the world.

Yud Zayin Lamed

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