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Miracle Hour Prayer

Booklet cover of The Miracle HourFor those who are truly serious about increasing their prayer life, I have the perfect format. Linda Schubert wrote a little pamphlet, titled “Miracle Hour … A Method of Prayer That Will Change Your Life”. I happened across it while in the Adoration Chapel one time. I ended up purchasing three copies of the pamphlets for myself and two friends. It has transformed my prayer life.

Ms. Schubert received this prayer through the Holy Spirit. It takes an hour and breaks it into 12 five-minute segments:

Section 1:
1. praise
2. sing to the Lord
3. spiritual warfare
4. surrender
Section 2:
5. release of the Holy Spirit
6. repentance
7. forgiveness
8. scripture reflections
Section 3:
9. listen to God
10. intercessions
11. petitions
12. thanksgiving

Though this pamphlet is written by a and for Catholics, protestants can modify the language to fit their own faith beliefs. It’s still a fantastic little guidebook for prayer.

You can purchase a copy of your own (only $3.00) at in either paperback or Kindle formats, or just CLICK HERE.

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