Faith – Make It Real

Offering Your Day to God

Family in front of a very large cross.

Oh Lord, I offer You my prayers, works and joys of this day for the intentions of all my relatives and friends. I ask that all within this world experience peace and unity, love, compassion, happiness, joy and charity. May You infuse the hearts of all humans and may they each build a personal relationship with You, Lord God.

Glorious God, Lord of Your heavenly angels who stand always ready to give assistance to Your people in this world, I earnestly entreat You to assist me in every thought I have and every action I do this day. Lord, nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can’t handle.

Be with me, oh mighty Lord, so that I may with the holy angels praise Your compassion for granting peace and love to all within this world. Lord Jesus, please fill me and surround me with Your love, spirit and light, so that I may experience and put forth only positive thoughts and actions this day.


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