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Are You Asleep in Christ?

John 5:39-40

Man asleep in the pewIn John 5:1-16, we hear the story of how Jesus cured a man on the Sabbath, which enraged many Jews. They were further angered and intent upon killing Jesus, after He referred to God as His father in verses 17-18. Jesus admonished these people in verses 19-47.

In verses 39-40, Jesus says to them (and to us), “You study the scriptures, believing that in them you have eternal life; now these same scriptures testify to me, and yet you refuse to come to me for life!”

The same could be said for those who attend church services but do not live their Christian faith during the rest of the week. They are asleep in Christ — doing only what they have to and nothing more. They gossip about coworkers, cheat on their taxes, and seldom volunteer for anything (unless they get something in return for it). Or they may live a fairly honest life, but their only commitment to God is attending church once a week. They have fulfilled their obligation — or so they believe. They are asleep in Christ.

To fully be alive in Christ, we must go beyond the minimum. We must show Christ that we truly love Him and wish to emulate Him and do the best we can to live a Christ-filled life by reading scriptures, praying, helping others less fortunate, tithing, attending conferences and workshops that add to or help our faith grow, and whatever else we can find to grow our faith in Christ. That is being alive in Christ. You’ll know it, when you do. You life is fuller and richer for it. You won’t ever wish to go back to being asleep in Christ. I guarantee it!

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