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The Word Is for Humble Hearts

John 3:11

Cross from light on the page of a BibleIn John, Jesus says to Nicodemus, a leading Jew and teacher, “I tell you most solemnly, we speak only about what we know and witness only to what we have seen and yet you people reject our evidence.”

My New Jerusalem (research) Bible gives the following reference to this verse with tons of Bible verses to support the text: “Jesus does not speak on his own initiative, he declares what he has seen ‘with the Father’; it is the Father’s words and teaching that he hands on to man. He is Himself the Word. This Word is not idle; it calls all things from nothing, it calls the dead from the tomb, and it gives life to the soul. It confers the Spirit, the source of immortality, and so makes men children of God. It is required only that man should have faith in the Word — dwell in it, keep it, and obey its command which is love. Nevertheless, the Word is enigmatic (mysterious and unknowable) and difficult. It makes its way only into humble hearts. Those who hear it, therefore, respond differently — some believe, others go away disappointed in spite of the signs. This same rejected Word will judge them at the last day.”

The bold text supports the verse so wonderfully. The humble heart is one that doesn’t assume to know more than others (it is open to God’s Word), it has compassion for its fellow man, it is a seeking heart that is looking to know God, whether we realize this or not. We only know that we feel that something is missing from our lives.

If you have such a feeling, I guarantee that buying something grand or getting a great raise isn’t going to fill that void. It will overshadow it for a short time; but then, the void will be right back there, gnawing at you. You know it’s time to begin seeking God through prayer and His Word, Jesus.

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