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The Reverend David Brown, Jr.

The Reverend David Brown, Jr.

The Reverend David Brown, Jr.

I first learned of this living saint on a Sunday morning show on PBS, titled “Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly” (R&E). I love the fact that this 1/2 hour show covers all religions and has some wonderful stories to tell. This is from one of those stories by contributing correspondent Lucky Severson.

The Reverend David Brown, Jr. is pastor of seven churches in Louisiana and Mississippi. Most ministers have a problem pastoring one church, let alone seven in two different states! Brown literally gives a marathon for Jesus every Sunday, preaching at least one or two Sundays every month at each church, traveling at least 200 miles or more each Sunday. Brown is a dying breed in this country — a traveling preacher.

Each Sunday is a full workday, usually ending at 8 pm or so, for Brown, who is 61, weighs 320 pounds, and has high blood pressure and diabetes. During the week, he shuttles between the seven churches, leading Bible studies, visiting the sick, and performing funerals. With no salary and no healthcare or benefits package, he and his wife, Gwendolyn, live on what he receives from the collection plates each Sunday. With each church ranging from 250 to just 30 members, that isn’t always enough to pay their light bill. Yet, he delivers a fiery sermon to each and every church, regardless of how many members are there. Like our Lord before him, Brown brings the Gospel to these people, making the Bible come alive for them. He counts on his faith in Jesus for he and his wife to survive, saying, “It’s a faith walk…I was chosen by the Lord to do this.”  Reverend Brown is truly a man called by God!

One year later, R&E did an update and found another Christian church adopted the Reverend and his mission. Very heart-warming update on an already great story.

To see the two video segments PBS did on Brown, go to:

On July 16, 2010, Reverend Brown passed away, having added 2 additional churches to his mission before he passed. He died doing what he loved — his mission of sharing the Lord’s message. Here’s a great eulogy to him here.

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