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Cross-Stitch Patterns

I have been doing counted cross stitch for many years. After several years of using kits, I became very bored and wanted something more challenging. I found software that transforms photos and graphics into counted cross-stitch charts. I would like to share these with you.

From this page, you will find patterns with both religious and secular themes. They vary from small to large finished project size, as well as from easy to difficult. So, I suggest you review the pattern and its instructions closely before beginning to stitch to ensure its something you wish to do.

All of my patterns are FREE; however, I do ask that you "Pay It Forward!" This is a premise put forth in the movie of the same title. You may see the complete explanation at: Warner Bros (once at the page, click "Pay It Forward" at the bottom of the video, next to "The Film"). Essentially, it means that for each pattern you download from this web site, you agree to do something good for 3 people within a year's time — pay it forward! It is an honor system between you and God, it promotes Christian behavior across the world, and it begins with YOU!

To View the Patterns
Once you click on a pattern category below, a new page will open with small photos of each pattern. When you click on one of the photos, another window will open with the information on that particular pattern and a download link. Here are the categories, which will be added to monthly:


Gift Plate
If you are like me, you probably give a lot of your finished cross-stitch projects away as gifts. Here is a gift plate that you can print and include with your gift or attach to the back of the framed piece. Click Here.

All cross-stitch downloads require the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. Click if you need to download and install the Reader plug-in for your browser.

Any information you provide, whether signing up for email updates or other, will be kept confidential. I never allow anyone to see my update list, unless legally compelled to do so.

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